Independent Calf Rearing

High Quality Weaned Calves at Independent Prices

In 2010 I decided to cease milk production on the family farm in Cheshire to concentrate exclusively on rearing Young stock.

With the money generated from selling the herd of 148 milking cows, I set about converting a Dutch barn into a modern up to date calf rearing shed. Half the shed consists of 4 pens for calves that are on milk from a computerised automatic feeder, using igloos to increase space and help ventilation. The other half is split into 3 pens accommodating 20 weaned calves in each. The new shed accommodates another 80 calves.

I have steadily increased intake and now have batches coming in every month, mainly consisting of Aberdeen Angus, Hereford calves and continental calves, which are all pre-ordered to go direct to customers at their required weight.

Calf Journey