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Chris Sutton

Independent Calf Rearing

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In 2010 I decided to cease milk production on the family farm in Cheshire to concentrate exclusively on rearing Young stock.


With the money generated from selling the herd of 148 milking cows, I set about converting a Dutch barn into a modern up to date calf rearing shed. Half the shed consists of 4 pens for calves that are on milk from a computerised automatic feeder, using igloos to increase space and help ventilation. The other half is split into 3 pens accommodating 20 weaned calves in each. The new shed accommodates another 80 calves.


I have steadily increased intake and now have batches coming in every month, mainly consisting of Aberdeen Angus, Hereford calves and continental heifers. Calves will go on to be sold directly to customers, never to the markets.  


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PUBLISHED: February 6, 2017

Focusing on calf health

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