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Chris Sutton

Independent Calf Rearing

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the calf journey

Calves come in between 14-28 days old. They are weighed and put straight onto the computerised feeder. This can be for up to 6 weeks, depending on age, being fed 4.8 litres a day at 850g of milk powder.


On arrival Calves have access to fresh clean water and a starter nut with deccox included to prevent and cure any coccidiosis.


All calves are treated with flypour to prevent lice, tick and mange.


After two weeks all calves get their first dose of Rispival 4 to protect calves against pneumonia.


Calves are weighed every 2 weeks to keep a close eye on growth rate. This also identifies calves that appear ok but which haven't grown at the expected rate. If there are any health problems, they can be quickly treated.