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Chris Sutton

Independent Calf Rearing

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the calf journey continued

Calves are slowly weaned over a 10 day period to limit any stress to the calf. Once weaned, calves are moved into bigger pens where they are fed a top-quality rearing nut adlib from a hopper and they will have received their second dose of Rispival 4.


They have now been on farm around 6-7 weeks and will be gaining 1.1 kg per day. They will stay in the same pen until they leave and will be gaining over 1.5kg per day.


Calves leave after 12 weeks at an average of 160-170 kg and will be gaining 1.5 kg/day with my mortality after 7 years of 1%.


Calves will be dehorned and vaccinated against pneumonia and castrated, if required, all which is done by my vet who oversees all aspects of calf health and vaccination.


All Aberdeen Angus and Hereford calves are sold with registered sires that have personally been checked on the breed websites.