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Chris Sutton

Independent Calf Rearing

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High Quality Stock at Independent Prices

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Since 2010 I have been dedicated to rearing the finest Young stock for contract rearing companies, private customers and selling through local markets.


Since May 2018 all my calves are now reared for private, returning customers only. The increased demand for my calves has allowed me to put up a new shed to take on new customers.


I take particular care to buy from farmers known to me to ensure I get healthy, well looked after calves, that are going to go on and perform.

As an independent rearer, you can buy direct from me at affordable prices to maximise the profit on your investment.


Calves are bought in every month - any size groups, breed and sex, without constraint. From 20 to 120, only the best quality calves are sourced direct from local farms and markets, or specifically to your requirement.


Contact me today to place advance orders for any breed - come and visit us and see just how well healthy calves thrive in our specialised environment.


Buy direct, buy with confidence!



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PUBLISHED: February 6, 2017

Focusing on calf health

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